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Picking up a guitar 100 million years ago after seeing Gary Moore on TV, the bug has never gone away. 

Geoff was born at a very early age and subsequently has got older and older. He is also considerably heavier than we was at birth. Luckily none of that matters. 

Guitar, all day every day. It's been that way for as long as he cares to remember. 

In that time he has amassed a huge knowledge of guitar music and it's finest exponents. 

This show is the culmination of all that knowledge and most importantly love for the music and the artists that wrote it. 

First and foremost it is played because he loves to play the pieces. He hopes you will love the pieces too. A genuine love for all of the pieces and the artists presented. 

Geoff was initially self taught before attending firstly the prestigious Musicians Institute and then Falmouth/DIME where is attained a B.A.(Hons) in Music Performance. He then was awarded a FLCM ( Fellowship of the London College of Music) for Electric Guitar Performance. 

The show consists of some of the pieces he performed to attain the Fellowship, plus many more. 

His playing and teaching have been praised by Guitarists such as Steve Lukather and Paul Gilbert. Endorsement enough for anyone. 

"Having been on a few musician booking sites, it occured to me that there was an abundance of Ed Sheerhan's for hire, but no one who seemed to play electric and to a high standard. I'm sure there are, but I didn't see any. Growing up I wanted to be Gary Moore, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather etc, virtuoso exponents of the electric guitar. I've got nothing against Ed Sheerhan types, I have a duo where we sing and play acoustics, but I really love playing the electric guitar as well as I can and making it sing. That's what inspired me to pick up the instrument in the first place, and that has never gone away. I hope my enthusiasm for it will be as contagious to others." 

Geoff also plays in a variety of other bands, Groove Monster ( 70's disco band) Black Rose ( Thin Lizzy Tribute) ,Tone Geoff ( Acoustic duo) and deps for many other bands around the south coast. You may have previously seen him in Bon Jovie ( International Bon Jovi tribute ), The Mafia, Dr Rock and other bands too numerous to mention. 

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